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Free to play financial education games and activities for anyone!

The Spirit of Alaska Society of Smart Youth (SASSY) is dedicated to helping young credit union members in Fairbanks learn more about how to manage money. Members of SoAFCU 17 and under can earn awards by completing financial education achievements.

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Interested in becoming a SASSY member? Open a savings account at SoAFCU and earn awards for playing these great games!
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Centsables Comic Books now available!

The Liquidator comic book cover featuring the Centsables

Find "The Liquidator" at every Spirit of Alaska FCU branch. Anyone can buy a comic book, but members of Spirit of Alaska FCU can complete SASSY achievements and claim one as an award! Look for new issues of Centsables comic books coming soon.

Download an Explorers checklist to get started on earning your FREE comic book!

Discoverers For ages 5-8

Did you discover the bear cub games? You can play them on your tablet too!

Tablet Apps

Help Kirby with his savings skills. Test your money skills with the Centsables heroes. Track your allowance and savings goals.

iPhone / iPad

Android and iPhone / iPad

iPhone / iPad

Explorers For ages 9-12

Here’s a few more fun places online to learn about money, plus you can play MoneyIsland on your iPad!

Apps and Websites

Money Island is available for iPad! Test your money skills with the Centsables heroes. Check out BizKids!

Play on iPad

Did you know?
If you finish MoneyIsland, and have a savings account at Spirit of Alaska, you can choose 2 from a bucket of great prizes!

Play on Android

Play on iPhone / iPad


BizKids is a fun PBS series that talks about all aspects of money. There are games to play on the website as well as tools to start your own business.

Soarers For ages 13-17

It’s time to get serious about managing your money as an adult. Here are some great places for info and help on that journey.


Budgeting Help

Educational Resources

Financial Fun

Money Geek's Easy Guide to Budgeting
Here's a great place to get started learning about the process of budgeting.

YNAB is free for college students, and affordable for everyone else. For the beginner budgeter, they have classes and a fun way to learn about budgeting and taking control of your money.

With Mint you can check your credit and pay your bills, as well as create budgets. If you aren't new to budgeting, try Mint.

Basic Money Principles
Money Geek takes you on a journey through financial outcomes throughout your life.

Consumer Jungle can help you navigate buying a car, manage your money and spot fraud and scams, answer questions and there is even a few games to play.

You aren't alone in spending money on an impulse buy. Find some stories here, take heart, and maybe even share your own.


BizKids is a fun PBS series that talks about all aspects of money. There are games to play on the website as well as tools to start your own business.
Mvelopes has a free account option, and is based off of the cash-in-envelopes budgeting concept, but makes using credit and debit cards possible. They also have ways to budget based on commission checks and intermittent income instead of steady paychecks.
Master your money one step at a time. Start with change is an online community dedicated to helping students manage money and debt with tools, articles, video, podcasts and connection with other students on the same journey.
Get Real Financial Reality Fair
A Financial Reality Fair is a fun, hands-on way for students and young adults to learn about managing personal finances. Held at a highschool, students have a chance to make spending and budgeting decisions, and see if they make it in a real-life scenario.

Smart About Money is one of the many programs of the National Endowment for Financial Education®. NEFE® is an independent, nonprofit foundation committed to educating Americans on a broad range of financial topics and empowering them to make positive and sound decisions to reach their financial goals.



You can use any of the resources SASSY provides in the classroom. We can provide teachers guides, prizes for when your class finishes the course, and even a classroom visit from a Spirit of Alaska representative. See our Youth Services page for more information and to contact us.


Is SASSY free to use?

Yes, anyone can access and play the financial literacy games provided to the community by Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union.

Why the bear cub, eagle and wolf?

SASSY is divided into 3 age groups: Discoverers, Explorers and Soarers.

- The Discoverers are the bear cubs, kids from 5 - 8 that are just starting to discover the principles of money.
- The Explorers are the active wolves, youth from 9 - 12 who are ready to start asking more questions and run with learning on their own.
- The Soarers are young eagles, representing teens from 13 - 17, taking flight into adulthood and their financial future. We want to them to have confidence, education and tools about how to handle money responsibly in adulthood.

SASSY provides age appropriate financial education games and activities for each age group, supporting the important journey we all take of learning how to manage money effectively.

What does it mean to be a SASSY member?

To qualify as a member of SASSY, you must be 17 years old or younger, and open a savings account at Spirit of Alaska FCU.

What are the benefits of being a SASSY member?

Members of SASSY can earn awards by completing games and putting money in a SoAFCU savings account. Download the achievement checklist for your age group to see the achievements and awards possible.

Are there SASSY events we can attend?

Yes! SASSY regularly holds Monopoly Tournaments in partnership with different youth organizations around Fairbanks. We are also a big part of Youth Safety Day in August. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for event announcements.